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Dance Lessons For Exercise

Published Sept 2, 2012

Are you currently considering joining a dance class on the Gold Coast in order that the dance lessons will provide you not only with opportunity to learn to dance different dance moves or dance styles but also enjoy the benefits of and aerobic exercise workout?

You can move to music at home but joining and dance class with other people is fun and will ensure that you get the full benefits of dancing for a suitable length of time that is required to increase fitness and your ability to dance. All dance styles and dance moves including Latin American, Ballroom Dancing, Salsa, Street Latin, Argentiine Tango and New Vogue will provide what you are looking for. Even when you prepare for your bridal waltze at you wedding by taking wedding dance lessons will have a similar effect.

 Dance lessons are also excellent de-stressor , don’t be concerned about dance style or dance moves you choose.

Modern Ballroom Lessons

Modern ballroom dancing is beautifully poised and styled. It exudes elegance and class. These dances developed for large ballrooms and dance halls so they glide smoothly across the floor with ease and grace. The dance hold is close and intimate allowing the partnership to move as one.

Modern Ballroom dancing lessons are part of the international standard dances. Ballroom dancing lessons usually consist of : Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slow Foxtrot and Quickstep. A dance studio that teaches modern ballroom dance and modern ballroom dance moves is A1 Dance Fever Studio

Latin American Dance Lessons

Compared to other ballroom dances, Latin dances are generally faster-paced, more sensual, and have more rhythmic expression.

Latin American dancing lessons are accompanied by Latin music which adds to the Latin American dancing and Latin American dance moves which is also sultry and physical. Quick paced rhythms and playful movements make the various Latin American dances and Latin American dance moves entertaining to watch and also to dance.

Salsa Dance Lessons

A1 Dance Fever Studio is one of the best Gold Coast Dance Schools that offers quality lessons in Salsa dance styles and Salsa dance moves a dance that is popular in Latin America. While Salsa is sometimes used to describe a number of Latin dances, it specifically refers to a dance style developed by Puerto Rican and Cuban residents.

A1 Dance Fever Studio’s lead instructor has many years of teaching experience Salsa dance style and Salsa dance moves and a wide range of other modern dance styles and dance moves. The A1 Dance Fever Studio dance classes range from individual tuition to wedding parties and larger practice groups. Get into the fun with salsa Gold Coast and join a salsa dance class at a great Gold Coast dance studio.

Argentine Tango
They also have a dance class on the Gold COast for dance fittness
This dance has the fire and passion you would associate with tango dance styles and tango dance moves. Argentine tango dance styles and Argentine tango dance moves are much sharper and stronger looking than the other ballroom dances, it is great fun to dance and to watch. A1 Dance Fever Studio offers private lessons and class lessons in Argentine Tango dance and Argentine Tango dance moves.

New Vogue Dance Lessons

New Vogue dance lessons are easy to learn and ideal for beginners who wish to join a dance school or dance class on the Gold Coast and become members of a dance class or dance studio . New Vogue dance lessons and New Vogue dance classes are based on a dance step sequence which repeats usually until the music has finished. It is simpler than other styles, like Salsa, Argentine Tango, Modern Ballroom or Latin American , which has many different steps making up a routine.

New Vogue dance lessons and New Vogue dance moves can be performed at varying levels but is fun to become involved with as a beginner in a first dance lesson.

Choosing a Dance School on the Gold Coast
Dance on the Gold Coast involves many different dance styles and dance moves. When it comes to choosing the right dance school or dance studio from the range of dance schools and dance studios on the Gold Coast your decision will involve some research to find which of the Gold Coast dance schools and dance studios has the most suitable dance class or dance classes on the Gold Coast for the dance style or dance moves you want to learn. You may be looking for a dance school or dance studio on the Gold Coast that specialises in just wedding dance lessons or dance schools or dance studios that specialise in any of the other many dance moves and dance styles that you can learn. Dance moves and dance styles such as Modern Ballroom dance, New Vogue dance, Latin American dance and Argentine Tango dance.

A1 Dance Fever Studio is a Gold Coast dance school that offers dance classes for each of the different popular dance moves and dance styles including wedding dance lessons, Modern Ballroom dance classes and dance lessons, New Voguedance classes and dance lessons, Latin American dance classes and dance lessons and Argentine Tangodance classes and dance lessons. They also offer a dance class that is focused on a dance fitness program.
A Dance Class on the Gold Coast
A dance class on the Gold Coast is a great way to expand your social circle and to increase your aerobic fittness. A1 Dance Fever Studio has dance
on the Gold Coast that specialises in the aerobic benefits of dance fitness. They provide a dance class for each of the dance styles they teach in their dance studio on the Gold Coast. You can choose a dance class where your benefit from private lessons or you can select dance classes where you learn in a social environment with other people. You may select a dance class for private lessons becuase you are not confident about your ability to dance because it is your first lesson but you can choose to change and select a dance class where you learn in a group. Which ever dance class environment you choose you can be assured of receiving the same professional standard of dance lessons. So if you are looking for a Gold Coast dance class and you choose A1 Dance Fever Studio your first lesson is free.
Wedding Dance Lessons on the Gold Coast
Wedding dance lessons are available as either a private dance lesson with personal tuition on the right dance moves for the wedding dance you have chosen or as a dance class with other people attending the dance studio to learn a wedding dance or wedding dances and wedding dance moves. A1 Dance Fever Studio specialise in teaching wedding dance lessons and wedding dance moves.
Dance Moves and Dance Studios Gold Coast
Get into some great dance moves by joining a dance studio on the Gold Coast and enjoying some great dance lessons at a Gold Coast dance studio. At a Gold Coast dance studio you can learn salsa dance moves, latin dance moves, new vogue dancing and new vogue dance moves. A Gold Coast school could be a latin dance studio, a ballroom dance studio, a salsa dance studio or a new vogue dance moves studio. At a latin dance school you will learn latin dance moves and latin dancing including latin American dance. Learning latin dance moves in a latin dance class on the Gold Coast improves your social circle and your dance fitness.